we had a long stretch of no injuries for the past two weeks. we knew the long streak couldn't last forever and that someone was going to have to take a fall for the rest of us. too bad it had to be little jordan. he ran into the corner of the ping pong table a couple nights ago. it was so sad.

BUT- he's a trooper.

hoping for a safe rest of the trip!


s day said...

Oh! poor little JOrdi! I can't wait to have a play date with Jayne and Layla when you return home! Please tell Shan hi for me and I miss her like CRAZY! I wish she could meet Layla too! Jayne is soooo tiny still! Layla's cheeks are super chubby but the rest of her body has still been long and skinny until this last week and she's starting to chunk up a bit... but Jayne makes her look huge! And her hair!!! I love it! Can't wait to meet your little nugget!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Sad sad sad! Kiss that cute booger for me. Love to all of you!!

ashley said...

OUCH! he is so cute! Why are black eyes darling on little boys?

Random question... Where did you get your crib bedding? I LOVE that it's all white and textured. If you don't mind sharing your secret, I would LOVE to know. Thanks girlie! ps- I cannot believe you went water skiing four weeks after you had your little doll!!!! Very impressive.. and motivating!