and she's all ours

can't get over this cute chicky
she loves this guy
me holding back my urge to "eat" her cheeks for the sake of the photo

we feel pretty darn lucky.

took these shots before heading to david pratt's wedding reception. it was fun seeing old friends and catching up with those from back home. little chicky had fun too and stayed up waaayyyy past her bedtime. she's a party animal.


Jayne Layne said...

Dayna i read your previous post and I seriously wrote so much of the same stuff in my journal. There are those times that you will never forget because they are just so sweet. Being a mom is the very best, but it is really is NOT about you anymore, its all about that baby.

Seriously, just wait until she starts to get "crazy" about you. Where she smiles when you walk in the room and cries when you leave. Naomi has been hugging my neck off lately and i love it. Every stage is great, but just wait, it gets EVEN BETTER (and Naomi is only 8 months :)

Jayne is DARLING! The perfect mix of you both!

The McKinleys said...

dayna, your little girl is ADORABLE!!! i can't get over her cute face--she is looking so grown up already! how fun.

Shannon and Kevin said...

Beautiful pics!! I want to eat her cheeks off too.

Becky said...

she IS beautiful! and looks just like a little lady. love how you all are matching. and love how mommyhood is treating you well. enjoy her all you can!