birthday shout out: lauren elizabeth magleby


this is a birthday shout out to jayne's aunt lauren (steve's sister) who turned 23 today. she is currently on a study abroad in jerusalem. we sure miss her around these parts. for those of you who know (or don't know) lauren, one would agree that she is one amazing little lady. she is oober talented. yes, oober talented. i only use that term for those that have the UTMOST talent and creativity there is. lauren is an exceptional baker, crafter, sewer, styler, decorator, singer, dancer, you name it and she can do it perfectly. she is also a wonderful sister, fiance (right mike?), daughter, aunt, and friend. we love you lauren! happy birthday! hope you have the best day!


Michael said...

Yes. I agree with the above statement. Lauren's wonderful. That's why I put a ring on her finger.

The Romney Family said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren over in the Holy Land!

And yes, I would love to get together sometime--I want to meet your little Jayne in person!

Lauren Elizabeth Magleby said...

Dayna you are the best!! Thank you so much. I miss you guys.

The Romney Family said...

I was just checking to see if you'd posted anything new, and when I saw this picture again, I started giggling. Dayna, seriously, SHE IS SO CUTE. Her little face is just so, so perfect. How are little girls that stinkin adorable?!