family photo: help me

{insert awesome family photo of us here}

guys- i need your opinions ASAP. i want to get some NICE family photos taken of my little fam before it gets too cold, you know to cherish for the many years down the road, frame it for our house, and maybe make for some nice christmas cards (if i'm not too lazy to send them out). i need some recommendations of who you think would be PERFECT. i'm looking for a great photographer but not too pricey (actually not pricey at all according to steve- but i understand you got to give and take a little bit if you want nice photos). please shout out some photographers you've had and loved, seen others have and loved, someone you've heard excellent things about, great photographer websites you've visited, etc. etc.



Annie P said...

Probably too pricey but so worth it. She is a good friend of mine an I think she is super talented. She is doing our family in a couple of weeks. - http://heidilynnphotography.blogspot.com/

Your camera is so good that I bet you could get someone to do some fun stuff for you.

The Bobos said...

My really really good friend Mary Anne Miner does AMAZING family photos. She's really reasonably priced - plus I'll put in a good word for you, since I love ya so much. Her website is:


If you want I can call her for you and ask about prices. She lives just down the road from Smith's. I highly recommend her, she's an awesome photographer and just the sweetest girl.

s day said...
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s day said...

My good friend Laura did Layla's photo's and I think she did wonderful. Go to Laurawarephography.com and under her blog, the second newest post is Layla's pics. (No hard feelings if you don't use her) I don't know prices cuz she gifted it to us. But also the lady that did our Wedding pics that was AMAZING is CamiLynn photography. and Kevin often works through a guy at his work that is doing our Temple Sealing photo's, EOphotography.com
good luck!

s day said...

Also montagecreative.com is a good one that Kevin uses.

Shannon and Kevin said...

If you're looking for something free, Robbie Taylor, my brother-in-law, have you heard of him?? He has really gotten into photography. You could always try him and see how they turn out and if you don't like them, then pay for a professional. Just a thought.

Angie said...


The name makes it sound lame, but she's actually pretty good and I don't think she charges too much cause she's newer in the business. Good luck!

Mary Martha said...

I just saw John John. We talked about dates. Let's set one so we can start spreading the word. whew! summer 04'!

Kimberly and Clay said...

I LOVE these gals:
http://www.photographybymckenzie.com & www.jessiealexisphotography.com.

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Heather George! She is my best friend Brooke's cousin and she is amazing. She did shots of Chloe and her cousin Emmi a few months ago and is doing our family shots tomorrow. I love her! She's really reasonable too.


P.S. Gonna be in SLC tomorrow...wanna meet up??

The McKinleys said...

well, everybody else gave suggestions so i might as well too. this is daniel by the way. my buddy i grew up with, sam yarbrough is awesome and cheap and he'd give you the cd and everything.
ps when do the kids start sleeping through the night?!

Morgan said...

I really hope that you don't mind my commenting.
Here's a great photographer for you to check out. Her name is Ashlee Raubach (http://ashleeraubachphotography.blogspot.com/). She's so incredibly talented. Her work is so unique, and absolutely gorgeous. She says that you have to email her for pricing info.