hat weather


this early morning it was a whopping 45 degrees. we woke up to the banging and cranking of our water heater trying to wake up from its summer rest. baby girl woke up at 4 in the morning with one freezing hand and 10 freezing toes. they were icy cold. i don't know how she squirms her way out of her deathlock blanket wrap grip and kicks off her socks. it amazes me.

a special thanks to the man who got up with her to rebundle her up and help her back to sleep so i could keep sleeping. you're a real keeper.

after little chicky spit up TWICE all over herself during her morning feeding, we decided it was time for a bath. a nice warm bath. she was loving it. i felt bad when we had to take her out-her big lips were icy purple as we were drying her off and getting her dressed it was so cold. so we bundled her up in some nice warm clothes and plopped on her hat. she was content. and finally, she was warm.

i can't believe its already getting to that time now... hat weather.

i do miss the summer. it was way too short in my book. what i'd give for a few more pool days and simple onesies on my baby girl. for now we'll turn on the heat, whip out our fall clothes, and enjoy the cute little hats and tiny numbers jayne has for the cold months ahead. i've decided i really want a cute hat like that for myself. i am going to start my search today... i'll let you know what i find.

happy fall to you all!

and this is just for fun----


mm mm mmmm i love that face!


The Bobos said...

I love that face too! She's adorable. And can I just say, I am totally jealous of her wardrobe! Where do you find all those cute clothes?

The Bobos said...

For my photos, I use a website called picnik.com. It's free and really easy to use. You can pay money to use their premium stuff but the free stuff is good enough that I don't see the need to pay extra.

Are you sleeping any better?! I hope so!! Love you much. Give Jayne a BIG kiss for me!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Her hat is so cute!! Where's it from??

Shannon and Kevin said...

Her hat is so cute!! Where's it from??

s day said...

I'm seriously so obsessed with your little Jayne! I love love love her hat! I only have little newborn hats for L, I need to get some cute big girl ones.

The Romney Family said...

Yes, it's "hat weather"--I'm loving it! And with hats as cute as little miss Jayne's, who WOULDN'T? She seriously has the most incredible wardrobe, I adore it. I usually drive Nathan to class in the morning, and over the last week or so, I've noticed subtle changes in the temperature at 7 am. This morning it was FREEZING! I sure love the warm summer months, but fall...when it's still warm during the day, just not crazy, I-may-die-of-heat-exhaustion hot, well, I love it. I just wish we could head home for a bit to see the leaves change. :(

D+B said...

She is ADORABLE. And so are you!!! I love all of your posts and I am glad to see yall are doing great!

Lauren Elizabeth Magleby said...

i miss her so much. I don't know how i am going to make it another 2 months