my new favorite thing...

...besides jayne, of course, are these bad boys:

it has increased my love for sandwiches ten fold. pop them in bread with chicken breast, colby jack cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard and mmm mmm mmm do you have a delectable meal!!!


i prefer the yellow. not the purple (which is the typical sandwich onion).

just thought i'd throw that out there since i am usually ALWAYS struggling with what to eat for lunch (never a huge sandwich fan until i started putting these in them) and now i am set each and every day.

only down side..... onion breath. which results in faces like this:



The Romney Family said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest face she is making! What a funny picture. She is just getting more and more adorable every day--you look like you are having SO MUCH FUN. It's great, huh?

And thanks for the onion tip. My secret sandwich ingredient has been avocado for the last 6 months or so, but I'll have to give onion a try since I love them and they're even cheaper than avocados.

Shannon and Kevin said...

hahaha - i love that pic of jayne