see jayne workout... sort of

little jayne middie isn't particularly fond of tummy time anymore. we failed to have her do it the three weeks we were at deep creek. when we came home i made it a top priority to do a good amount every day to make up for lost time. i guess that break made her realize how much she really enjoys NOT doing tummy time. every time i put her on her tummy she just hangs out like a lazy bum. only when i motivate her by turning her head so its face down on the blanket (forcing her to lift it if she wants to breathe... is that abuse?) or putting her arms closer to her chest will she finally perk up, lift her head for a few seconds and then go straight back down to her lazy position. here... see for yourself:


me: "ok little lady, its time to do some tummy time! are you ready?"
jayne: "for reals mom? you know nothing will happen if you put me on my tummy..."
me: "oh c'mon, it ain't so bad... you'll see..."


me: "are you really just gonna sit there like a lazy bum the whole time?"
jayne: "mom, i told you, i don't feel like doing this. it seems so ridiculous to huff and puff and grunt while trying to lift my head for your enjoyment."

me: "ha! don't be silly. its to strengthen your head so you can sit up soon. do you want to be a flat head???"
jayne: "no. but i'm just so tired..."


jayne: "i wish i could just fly, fly far far away, like mr. bird, to a land of no tummy time."
me: "ha ha, oh please, talk about dramatic. look, just lift your head a few times and we'll call it a day."
jayne: "uh, FINE!"


jayne: "happy?"
me: "yes"


jayne: "good, cause thats all you're getting out of me. i'm done."
me: "c'mon... just a little bit more?"
jayne: "ten extra minutes of play time on my play mat? take it or leave it."
me: "deal."


jayne: (grunt) (huff) (bark)
dayna: "good girl!!!"


big daddy: "what's going on in here?!"
dayna: "oh, you know, a little tummy time."
jayne: "dad! oh, i'm so glad you're here. save me from this torture!!"


big daddy: "oh jaynie girl... come here and lie on daddy's tummy. tell me what mom's been making you do."


jayne: "oh dad, it was horrible, she forced me on my tummy and said if i didn't lift my head she'd deprive me from my playmat, from my binky, and worst of all, the boob!"
big daddy: "no... not the boob! that's awful!"
jayne: "i know, right?"

(little does chicky know that she's been lifting her head on daddy's tummy for a good while this whole time...muwahaha!)


me: "jayne! you just lifted your head the whole time you were on daddy!"
jayne: "what? wait a second.... i was tricked! i was scammed! i was..... ah.... whatever. thats cool. can i play on my playmat now?

what a little stinker. makes for a great story though, right? this is what happens when you're running on little sleep, baby is napping, and its time to update the good ole' blog.

ps. that last pictures makes me want to munch on that belly button.


Kimberly and Clay said...

You are so funny! Are you going to Sarah's book club tonight? You should come, and you should bring Jayne.

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

You're such a good mommy. I never really did tummy time with Chloe because she hated it (I know, I'm a terrible mom) but it didn't seem to do her any harm. She was sitting up early, crawling early, and know she's pulling herself up on the furniture. Keep fighting Jayne :)

Crystal and Morgan said...

hahahha I was laughing so hard. Love the pics and the dialogue was hilarious

The McKinleys said...

haha that just made my night! :) you are one funny mommy. ps. it was so much fun seeing you the other night, we need to do that more!

Esther Noelle said...

love the little dialog! :) so cute!