3 months


i can not believe my little chicky is already three months old. it is all going by too fast. i hate it and wish time could just stand still...or go away all together. seriously. i am trying to savor these early months as much as i can but i just feel like its flying by freakishly fast!

we are loving every moment we have with her. she has brought us so much joy then we ever thought possible.

i always want to remember how...

- smiley she is when we get her out of the crib in the morning
- she loves to "talk" and "sing"
- she loves music and squeals when we sing or talk to her
- she loves smiling at us and "talking" to us
- she practices "talking" in the car seat on drives
- she loves snuggling in our arms
- she loves tubby time and lotion rub down
- she sleeps like a champ for 11 hours every night
-she loves to get her sleep and will gladly go down for her naps
-she loves kisses and munchies on her cheeks and neck and tummy
-she hates tummy time
-she loves diaper changes
-she LOVES bedtime and the whole routine and singing along to her bedtime songs and saying goodnight to her "friend in the mirror"(herself) with shy smiles and squeals
- she loves daddy and squeals so much with him
- she loves her playmat
- she loves to stand stand stand

jaynie, one day you will read this and hopefully know how much your mom and dad love you. we love you so much. you are such a special little baby and we feel so incredibly blessed every single moment of our lives to have you in it. you are the cutest little bug. thank you for making us the happiest parents. happy 3 months baby girl!


Shannon and Kevin said...

3 months old??!! I remember when she was born, and I said that time would fly, and it REALLY has. She is so lucky to have you as a mom. love you!

Becky said...

happy 3 months jaynie!! i cant believe she is already 3 months. shes growing up to be one fine little lady.

The Romney Family said...

That's so exciting, Dayna! It DOES go by way too fast, huh? :( Kind of breaks your heart to realize you can't ever go back. But on the other hand, it's SO fun watching them learn and grow, and they just get cuter and more fun every day! And she is just so, so beautiful!

Kathy said...

I am totally jealous of the 11 hours at night! So unfair. :)
She is so adorable.

Mary Martha said...

good ole tummy time. I had so many questions about that... remember?