3 years


wow. i can not believe that we have been married for three years. it doesn't seem that long ago that we were celebrating our marriage with friends and family, getting freaky on the dance floor. ha. three years and a baby later... and here we are. life has been so good to us. sure marriage has brought us many ups and downs, and sometimes its been a little rough around the edges, but along with the bad its brought us so much good than we ever could have imagined, and we have learned and grown so much in the process. we have learned that marriage isn't about wanting perfection (especially when we are far from perfect), but taking joy in the little every day things and finding the good all around us (which is sometimes not always so easy). best of all our little marriage has brought us the greatest joy of our life thus far, our little chicky. she really has made us want to be better people.

and where would i possibly be without my steve, my anchor in life? he has stood by me through my best and through my very worst. he has taught me to be more layed back, to not focus on little unessential things in life, but to enjoy life and to appreciate all that i have in it- which is so much. i am so blessed to have these two in my life. and i have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior to thank for it all.

life is good.


to celebrate, steve and i went to the foundry grill up at sundance for dinner (a yearly tradition). normally we stay up at the cabin but for some reason i just wanted to be home. so we came back, put the little chicky down early and hung out ;) steve was so sweet and gave me this beautiful bouquet along with some other cute gifts which i'll have to show you sometime. i gave steve a mouse. its what he wanted. a real pet mouse! ok, kidding, i got him the "magic mouse" the new mouse from apple. it won't be in the stores here until next week but he knows its coming. it was a great night spent with my one and only.


The Romney Family said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! 3 years--wow. Doesn't that sound like SO long, and yet...oh, how much longer there is to go! ha ha Anyway, sounds like you had a great day!

The McKinleys said...

happy anniversary!! you guys are so awesome, and SUCH a beautiful couple. glad you had such a fun day! :)

Kimberly and Clay said...

Oh man! I was excited to come see your new pet mouse. Oh well. We need to hang out soon! Especially since I don't have full time work anymore!!

Shannon and Kevin said...

I'm dying to see pics of your Halloween party - update!