conference weekend


so i know this is a tad late... well a week late really. whatever. i am posting it any way.

we spent conference weekend up at steve's parent's cabin in sundance. it was so nice to have a little getaway while enjoying conference. saturday night we invited some people to come up and play some games and a wild capture the flag competition late at night (which i did not participate in, but steve quickly told me the next morning how his very own team won, 3-0, thanks to two steals from our buddy kevin and one lovely steal from steve himself). we invited our friends shannon and kevin day to spend the night up on saturday and watch conference with us the next day. they have a little girl, baby Layla, who is the same age as jayne (5 days apart) and they are quickly becoming the best of friends! even though they still have a while before they will really interact with each other, it was still fun having them lay side by side kicking and flying their arms about (resulting in interlocked arms... presh). these girls are so cute and fun together. i can't wait until they can really start playing.


most of you have already posted about conference and the amazing talks given. i just have to ditto a lot of what you already said. i loved its center focus on "love." it really became clear to me how thats really what its all about. loving others. showing our love through service and selflessness. loving our families, our spouse, our children, our neighbors, strangers, everyone. really just loving one another. sounds so easy but in reality it is sometimes so hard to "forget about ourselves" and put other people's welfare before our own (loved Elder Eyering's talk on this). then we can ultimately be happy. i have to remind myself that every single day. i really enjoyed sister nibb's talk on how we learn and grow by overcoming challenges with faith and optimism. sometimes it is so hard for me to be optimistic and faithful when i am going through something hard. i loved her quote, "repent, hold on, and don't let go!" we all loved elder holland's testimony about the book of mormon. it was so strong and powerful! really hit dead center of my heart and i just prayed that many others who question the gospel were watching it that very moment. i loved president monson's reminder that "unless we lose ourselves in service to others there really is no purpose for our lives." and that our lives "grow and flourish when we are serving others." i absolutely LOVED hearing about his birthday wish: the gift he wanted from the members of the church were to find someone having a hard time and do something for him/her. i love that! great motivation that i need to do better.

what a great weekend.


Shannon and Kevin said...

jealous! that you got to hang with the days! and that the days got to hang with you!! Miss you guys! I love the pics of the girls. SO CUTE!!

Angie said...

I loved your conference recap. So inspirational! You made me want to go re-listen to a bunch of talks. I bet it was so nice being up at the cabin. No distractions!