i'm inspired, big time

(one of my favorite photos of nie from nieniedialogues)

i watched oprah today. i'm sure many of you know why. popular blogger, stephanie nielson, was on the show to talk about the plane crash she survived and how it has affected her life today.

i couldn't hold back tears the minute she came out on the stage. how cute is she?? is it strange that amidst the immense scarring on her face, seeing her come out i still thought she LOOKED so beautiful? the only explanation i can give it is that her inner spiritual beauty truly radiates on the outside (amazing). and she had a way cute outfit on.

my heart broke when she spoke about her kids not wanting to be near her at first because of the way she looked. it was also sad when the struggling stay-at-home mom who spent the day with her saw the picture of her on the wall and was emotional to see how beautiful she was.

i loved hearing her share how she chose to live, even though it would be hard, for her kids, her husband, her family. she is selfless. i loved seeing her do the day to day mommy things- making lunch, giving baths, and my favorite when she smothered her daughter with a kiss.

oh and to see how mr. nielson looked at her, so smitten. talk about true, real, deep, unfeigned love. seriously.

above all the way she cherishes and appreciates each little moment is so inspiring to me as a mother. she has chosen to be optimistic and happy while overcoming such immense challenges and that is amazing to me. it would be so easy to do the exact opposite and yet she remains steadfast and faithful. what a woman!!

i want to be like her. don't you?

my favorite quote of the whole show came at the end, in fact, from oprah:

"its all about living in the moment and embracing the possibilities that life has to offer."

shouldn't it be? i think so, and i'm going to try and remember that each day.

did you watch the show? what did you think?


Angie said...

I did watch it, on the TV at my parents house, via video chat. It was that important to me! Haha. It really was such an inspiring thing to see her walk out there looking so genuinely happy and really beautiful. You're right, she really did look beautiful, even with the scars. And I think it was because she radiates happiness and goodness and the Spirit, and she is so beautiful on the inside that it shines through. I loved how she kept smiling the whole time. She was an inspiration before the accident ever happened, but the way she has fought to continue being a wonderful wife and mother is so amazing. I'm so glad I watched!

The Romney Family said...

I didn't see it, but I'm so glad you wrote about it! I think she's amazing, absolutely amazing. What a good example for all the rest of us moms, like you said.

Shannon said...

Layla and I were camped out in her rocking chair because she had a terrible ear infection... so luckily we saw Oprah. I had the same feelings as you. She is so beautiful and such strength. To wake up every morning and face such an uphill battle... AMAZING strength and FAITH. Makes us appreciate every simple moment we have with our angels doesn't it?

Annie P said...

I wish the whole show had been about them (although the other stories were great, too). I wanted CJane to get a little more time. I thought she should have been given the credit of taking care of those children all those months. She was so prepared because of Stephanie's example. Stephanie is amazing though. I love that Oprah sent someone to their home. I just hope everyone will go read her blog because it will change them.

Mary Martha said...

i wasnt able to but I'm dying too. I'm going to look for it on you tube. amazing!