my little ballerina


sporting her new leg warmers. they are very ballerinaesque, don't you think?

we can't decide if she will be a ballerina or a soccer star with those strong legs.

maybe both.

take notice of her superb first, second, third positioning and plie. she's a natural!







The Bobos said...

She is so adorable!!!! Where did you get those leg warmers?!

Angie said...

Those leg warmers are priceless. I just had a thought, what are you going to dress her up as for halloween? so many fun options!

Shannon and Kevin said...

I can always rely on you for an adorable new post! Love these pics!

Lauren Elizabeth Magleby said...

Dayna those are so cute! K when I get home and start working again I am going to use my discount and get her tons of baby legs!!

lyns said...

She is so stink'n cute! I need to get Mollie some of those leggings, where did you get them?

The Romney Family said...

I'm going to have to be lame and ditto what EVERYONE else has said.

a) She is beyond ADORABLE,


b) Where did you get those awesome leg warmers?! I definitely want some for Kate!

Brittany and Derek said...

just like the richard's girls...she'll probably be athletic and a dancer!

Mary Martha said...

cute pics! she's so cute and so content.

Bonnie said...

I LOVE the leg warmers and I LOVE the black hair band! (all of her hair bands, really....)