today is grandma middie's birthday, or great grandma middie according to jayne. she is a very special lady and jayne's middle name was given after her. grandma middie is a one of a kind woman and there are many reasons why we love and appreciate her so much.

first off, she is so loving, kind, and generous, especially to her family. she is quick to see how we're all doing, what's new in our lives, and is always willing to give, whether its in little gifts or her time.

grandma middie has some serious spunk. she is more with it at her age than some people are twenty years younger than she. she loves auctions and has a great eye for beautiful things. when she finds little treasures at these auctions she gives them to her family and they are wonderful keepsakes for us that remind us of her love for us.

grandma middie has a funny sense of humor. she loves to laugh and loves a good time. this makes being around her so fun and enjoyable.

what makes grandma middie such a great example to us all is her love for the gospel and her strong testimony of it. she is quick to share and stand up for what she knows is right and true. this creates a light about her that you instantly see and feel when around her. it makes her a happy person and makes those around her happy too.

grandma middie not only loves her immediate and extended family, but also has a deep love and appreciation for those who came before her. she knows a great deal about her family history and is proud of her heritage. she does a wonderful job of keeping her ancestors' legacies alive through stories passed down to her children and grandchildren.

we love grandma middie and feel so lucky to have her in our lives. we hope our little jayne middie carries her name well, and acquires many of the fine attributes that grandma middie has that we love so much.

happy birthday grandma! we love you!


Kimberly and Clay said...

Is that picture current? Of you at Atlantis? That is just wrong! Well we miss you over here in the winter wonderland.

Crystal said...

I love her. I love her. I LOVE HER! I need more pics!