temple lights

wednesday night we went with steve's family to see the lights at temple square in salt lake city. i had jayne in (you guessed it) the marshmallow suit again. i told you i was going to put her in it soon. this was the perfect opportunity as it was cold and we were outside for awhile. it was fun seeing all the many colored lights, the floating candles on the water, the nativity scene, etc. jayne wasn't all that interested but i think she had a decent time chillin' in her bjorn while we walked around. afterward we headed over to settebello's for some yummy (and i mean yummmmy) pizza. we got five pizzas to share and i was sure that we wouldn't eat it all. i was wrong. if you haven't seen the lights you should go check them out. they don't come on until 6pm as they are trying to conserve energy this year (we got there around 5:30 and wish we had known this). afterwards head over to settebello's pizzeria. you won't be disappointed.

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Angie said...

Looks like so much fun! We are trying to plan a trip to see the lights during our visit. Jayne looks so so cute in her marshmallow suit.