jayne middie turned six months today. it has been an incredible past six months with much learning, growing, discovering, and loving in each one of our lives here at the magleby home. jayne has brought such a sweet sweet joy into our lives. even with all the struggles and trials we have had since she has been born, just seeing her cute face makes every one of those bitter moments not so bitter after all. in six months i have discovered more about myself (the good and the bad), sacrificed more then i had ever expected, and have experienced a happiness i didn't know possible. and all in all its been the best six months of my life so far.

six months is a big milestone in my eyes because its half way to one year, and at this age she has started developing so many new skills and developments that make her seem just so much older to me. the latest development has been this:

sitting up. although it doesn't last for very long, and she has yet to be completely confident in doing so, she can do it unsupported and long enough to make me completely shocked that she has finally reached this point in her life, six months, a "big" girl. you know what i mean? she is also now a major explorer- reaching and grabbing for everything she wants. like her mr. monkey.

she's becoming more of a jibber jabber too. her favorite saying: dadada. i have a serious feeling her first real word is going to be for a certain man in her life. although she has yet to understand the meaning she can already say it. now if i can only get her to start doing mamama... :)

her check up is this thursday so the stats will have to wait. i'm excited though to get them all. its always fun to see how she's growing and how she's changed since the last.

other little quirks:
- she loves to grab her feet and toes
- is obsessed with my cell phone (her favorite toy, go figure)
- obsessed with her dad (seriously has a major crush)
- loves to give kisses and head bonks to her friend in the mirror and to anyone really.
- loves loves little people (kids, babies)
- has a special love for her family and relatives (you can tell she knows them when she sees them, so cute)

we love you neener neener!


Katherine said...

Baby Jayne is a living DOLL! Happy Half Birthday! You and Steve are such darling parents. Little Chicky is so, so blessed!

Now that she's sitting, you'd better fasten your seatbelts! Crawling and walking are just around the corner. Everything's about to get a lot more exciting. (Btw, I know your in-laws! My maiden name is Phillips.)

Crystal said...

ahh!!! she is sooooo cute! I love the pic of her munching on mr. monkey! I LOVE HER!!!

s day said...

D! She is so stinkin cute. I love that she can sit up all by herself!!! Layla wont hold still long enough and just throws herself around!
I just cant get enough pics of Jayne. It's like I can tell how sweet she is from all her pics! OOOOOOO I wanna kiss her cheeks!
See you sat!

Becky said...

she is such a happy baby! happy 6 months jaynie!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Why am I not living in utah?? I'm dying over how big and cute she is in these pictures! Jordan loved and still loves to give forehead bonks - they're my favorite. Oh my gosh I love this little girl so much!!! and you too Dayn! Thanks for all the latest and greatest posts! oh yeah - wish jayne a happy half birthday from her favorite aunt shannon.

The Romney Family said...

It seems like "mama" always takes them SO much longer. Why is that??? So not fair... haha

Anyway, little miss Jayne is looking more adorable than ever--and six months is a HUGE milestone!!! I can't believe how quickly the second half of Kate's first year flew by (and I had already been shocked at how quickly the first six months felt.) It's just crazy.