in the meantime

so remember how i said i was going to post bahama pictures today. yeah, well, i lied. you see all the pictures are on steve's computer and he is going to be mia until late this evening so this will just have to do for now.


remember how i graduated from byu? yeah well i lied then too. i was still short 16.5 credits which i planned to finish through independent study by the end of fall. ha, how naive i can be.

well, this is me.

this is me trying to be excited while holding twenty pounds worth of books.

books for this semester.

thats right folks, i'm back on campus.

i'll be taking nine credits of what i believe to be the easiest classes i could fit along with the schedule of the neener. i'll also be taking one independent study class, and finishing up the 4.5 credits of independent study i am almost done with. and..... (drumroll)... could be done with school as early as april! take that you july 1 new year resolution!

and no, i'm not bringing my baby to class with me incase you were wondering.


Angie said...

I wish you would bring Jayne to class. That would be so BYU. Haha! Man that sucks to be going back to class. Goooood luck! I'm excited for you to be done.

Almost as excited as I am about those Bahamas pictures...... ;)

The McKinleys said...

go dayna go! don't you just LOVE toting around twenty pounds of books??? gag.

we will graduate though...sooner or later!