love month


meet jayne's valentine.

name: ducky

endearing qualities: smooth, bright, perfect size for carrying in one hand and putting into mouth, enjoys tubby time just as much as jayne

it was love at first sight.


february is love month. in honor of this month of love i'm going to be posting about, well, you guessed it, things i love. you can do it too if you'd like.

stay tuned!


Shannon and Kevin said...

love these pics! what a cutie-pants!

Jen Richards said...

there is nothing cuter than a baby in the tub! please let little jayne know that I LOVE her and hope to see her sometime soon!

Traci said...

Oh man Dayna, she is so dang cute! I just found your blog through Annie and am so glad we get to see Jayne a little more often now! Love ya!

Mary Martha said...

her eyes are stunning!

Kim & Clay said...


The Romney Family said...

Ahhh, LOVE those chubby little nakey bodies. She is too cute--I want to eat her!