dress up

wow, did jayne ever take me back to my childhood! she was in heaven playing dress up with evee (and russell, 'the prince'), and it brought me back to the good old days when i would do the same with my sisters (and sometimes brothers). it usually always involved some kind of music and dancing... jumping on a bed.... or wearing underwear on our heads. 

any way, she specifically asked for a crown... and i love how evee pulled it together with what she had. i especially love how jayne's demeanor totally changes when she is a 'princess.' she walks with care, smiles delicately, becomes soft-spoken, and is very polite... just like a real princess.

maybe we should be doing dress-ups more often.


S.DAY said...

Layla just walked over to the computer and said, "Oh Jaynie... she looks so cute." And when I jummped to the comment form she said, "can I see Jaynie again."
Oh how I miss our girlies playing together.

S.DAY said...

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That is a letter from Layla. She asked me "Can I please write jaynie a letter."