Quinta Normal FAIL

Since Steve has Mondays off work, we thought we'd try and go see something new in the city while Jayne was at school. We had heard great things about Quinta Normal, the oldest park in Chile, along with their National History Museum there. We ventured out early, as soon as Jayne was dropped off. After a long bus ride, and 12 metro stops, we finally made it. And guess what you guys.... it was closed! I was so happy!  NOT!!!!

So, instead, we walked around for about 10 minutes, saw a pretty cool church, took some pictures in front of some crazy graffiti work, saw a few statues, and then spent nearly 1 1/2 hours getting back home on the bus, arriving late to pick up Jayne. Still wondering what would have happened had we actually gone in the park and done the museum and THEN tried to get back to get Jayne... that would have been bad.  

This is not me complaining, just merely stating the facts......

On the plus side, the buss doubles as a tour of the city if you look out your window on the ride - that is, if you can manage to get a window seat in a packed to the brim bus. And, if you don't get carsick sitting backwards while sweating profusely in your chair. You also get to experience a little bit of the culture of Santiago by listening to street vendors (who climb on board) trying to sell you stuff like light bulbs on your ride home. True story.
Oh well, better luck next time!


S.DAY said...

Next time you're in the states and you and steve want to get a burger and talk about "total busts" of foreign country trips... we've got a story for you. Kday and I had a day like yours in Switzerland that we laugh about all the time because it sucked so bad there was nothing to do but laugh.

Chelsea said...

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