Bicentenario Park

One Sunday, I sat next to girl at Church who was visiting named Constanza (Coni). She leaned over to me and asked if I knew someone from the states. Sure enough, that someone was a good friend of mine from back home who had served his mission in Chile and had baptized her entire family. Such a small world in the church. It is just nuts. Coni and I hit it off from the start and knew we needed to get together again. She invited our family to go see Bicentenario Park on Tuesday, a beautiful park in Santiago where you can walk around (lots of people running and biking), sit in the shade with a picnic, and feed some swans. There is even a fun playground for the kids. It is beautiful, and was the perfect spot to let the kids run around free. 

My friend Martha gave us her backpack carrier, which we brought with us that day to carry Vinny. Jayne was so jealous when she saw Vinny in it that she begged and begged to be carried. Steve put her in and within a few minutes she was passed out asleep. We rested in the shade when we got to the park and when she woke up we let them play. After the park we took the bus to the mall to eat dinner at Pasta Basta. I had an excellent Carbonara Pasta. We were all starving so it hit the spot. After dinner, we walked around the mall and found a little pet store. Jayne was loving all the pets, especially the puppies. Every day for the past couple months (I kid you not) Jayne says "I wanna puppy for my birthday." The other day in all serious, Steve said, "I wish there was a way we could just get a puppy for her but have someone else buy it and take care of it for us." Oh that my laugh out loud. Anyone want to take up on his offer?

Any way, I'm trailing off here.... back to the park. Here are the pictures below. Enjoy!

Coni went to BYU last Spring to learn English. She speaks so well now- it's amazing to me how quickly someone can learn a language (maybe I really can learn Spanish!). She went to Provo all by herself knowing no English! I was so impressed. She is going back there next week for school, and although I am sad we didn't meet each other sooner so we could've hung out more in Chile, I am so excited that we will both be in Provo together when we get back. I seriously love this girl!


Angie said...

What a small place the world is when you're LDS. I love the sisterhood of the Relief Society and the camraderie we feel as members of the church - it's easy to find good friends and feel close to each other very quickly when you have such a huge thing unifying you. So lucky that she will be in Utah later and you can continue your friendship!

And you ladies look beautiful (as always!).

J Hayley B said...

Wow that puppy looks JUST like Sawyer did when he was only a couple months old! You should get him! Beagles are the best.