Los Juegos Del Hambre

I had a date night with my ♥er to go see The Hunger Games on Friday. I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to movies, but I would say I really liked it and would even see it a second time. I think it was perfect that I read the books a while ago, so I didn't notice and wasn't disappointed by parts they may have missed from the book. And, I was able to be on the edge of my seat, not quite sure what was coming next because I couldn't quite remember. And then it was kind of a game, because throughout the whole movie I'd be thinking to myself "oh yeah! i remember that!" I also loved the cinematography, the emotion, and the casting. I heard a lot of people say they weren't so sure about Peeta. I actually loved him! I thought he fit pretty well what I had imagined from the book. And I think he has great potential for everyone to fall in love with him. 

(Incase you are wondering, the movie was in English with Spanish subtitles.) 

After the movie, we ate dinner on top of the mall. It is so beautiful up there. There are tons of restaurants lining the entire roof and the set up is just so pleasant. There was a flutist playing, and lots of pretty fountains. The whole ambience is just really romantic. We didn't eat dinner until 9:30 and it was fun to be a part of the culture here. Everyone was out to eat as that is the usual time for Chileans. While I don't remember where we ate (so it must not be worth bragging about), I had a good salmon meal and Steve had a really yummy lemon chicken. Good, not great, but we left full. We then walked around the roof and then headed inside the mall around 10:30 to see if any of the stores might be open. They were closed, so we just hopped back on the bus (which we had almost to ourselves... how romantic!;) and headed home. Special thanks to my friend Martha who babysat for us so we could get a night out!

We finished the evening off with my recent obsession-- this brand of mint chocolate chip ice cream which is
to die for!

**I am currently on a no desserts/sweets challenge with Steve. He's always teasing me and saying I can't go a day without it. I told him I could, I just don't want to. So, this is me being competitive (or dumb) and trying to prove him wrong. I am on day three- no complaints so far. The challenge is to see who caves first (still deciding what the winner will receive).
Yikes! Wish me luck! 


Crystal said...

so glad you got to see it...finally. and so glad you liked it! Such a great movie and oh so good even a second time! You look great in these pics btw.

Angie said...

i loved the movie too! i thought it was so well done, so well cast and so well acted! It was great.

also, i am doing this thing where i don't eat sweets/desserts on weekdays. it's working out pretty well so far (i've been going like a month), and when the weekend comes i don't feel like i want to binge on sugar to make up for what i've "missed" during the week. plus after going without for a while, when i eat sugar again i notice how gross it makes my mouth feel and taste afterward, and i can't handle eating a ton of it without feeling a little sick afterward. all good things! anyway... good luck on your sugar challenge! you can do it!