Tulip Festival

We hit up the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival last week with my sister Crystal, my sister-in-law Lauren, and my friend Courtney (and all the babies). It was maybe the best I have ever seen it. I don't know if I went too early/late in previous years, or if the season wasn't ideal, but this year the colors seemed far more vibrant and there were no empty patches to be seen. It was gorgeous! The weather was perfect- not too hot, a little cloudy - great for walking around without getting hot, and taking pictures without awkward shadows or glare. We packed light lunches to eat while we were there, and the kids had a grand old time sniffing flowers and running around to their hearts content. 
Meet Courtney's daughter, Sydney. I couldn't believe how much she'd grown/changed since the last time I had seen her before Chile. Funny to think about Vinny and this little beauty possibly dating and/or getting married in the future (if it were up to me). 
Hard to take pictures with wiggly ones
The first baby bump shot. 13+ weeks and you wouldn't even know it! So cute!
Gotta love the matching mommy/daughter pants
Let's just ignore the fact that I look more pregnant than my pregnant sister-in-law in this photo. And I am NOT pregnant!!!!  #outfitchoicefail
Court & Syd... beautiful ladies. 

I would say you must go and experience it if you haven't already, but it ended on Saturday. 
Sorry to possibly be the bearer of bad news. 
Anywho, it was a lovely day!

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Jessie said...

we've never been to the tulip festival (sad huh??) but it looks SO beautiful! great pictures dayna!! i need to remember to ask you about this next time i see you...but would you consider doing our family pictures?? you're AMAZING!

JENNIFRO said...

How on EARTH did all the young women get pregnant?
No explanation necessary. Just sayin..