so these pictures have nothing to do with the title of this post. they are just photos from a family walk last weekend.... to the sports mall (which was closed), then to the grocery store (where a man saw us with our camera and asked if we'd take a picture of him and his son... ha, good times), and then back home (where Jayne forced Vinny in her glasses and he thought it was pretty hilarious). i tried to sport a scarf headband that i had been seeing everywhere recently.... not so sure if i'll be rockin' that look anytime soon since I am a prone to headaches and by the end of the day i was thrilled to take it off.

but that's beside the point.  what i really want to share is....


do you know what this means??? it means, we have REAL visitors (as opposed to....?)!
and they are FAMILY! family to entertain our kids!!! family to entertain me & steve!!! family to talk to and extra hands for helping!!!!!   YEESSSSSS!!!!

not sure how much i'll be posting on the bloggy blog this week, so i thought i'd give fair warning incase i have anyone who reads that would actually worry about me if i missed for a few days. but let's be serious, the warning is really for those people who will get mad at me for failing to post pictures every day of the beloved jayne and vincent (you know who you are).

so, i guess i'll see ya when i see ya! (wow i sure went parentheses happy in this here blog post)

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Angie said...

So excited for you! And you are totally rocking that headband. You can pull anything off!