My sister-in-law and I went on a couple early morning walks with the kids to the duck pond on BYU campus. We bring bread and feed the ducks (Jayne tends to throw huge chunks in that just kinda sit there...). They get especially excited when the baby ducklings take a bite. There are quite a few of them and I must say they are pretty stinking cute. We met up with my friend Kim and her little girl Ellie this particular morning. Jayne loves Ellie and they are quite the little buds - running around, playing pretend and making each other laugh. I get such a kick out of seeing Jayne interact with friends. Her little personality is too funny. It was a nice morning and aside from all the duck poop that made its way on Vinny's footed pajamas, it was worth the trip. 
All smiles!

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Jessie said...

what a fun thing to look forward to in the mornings! your kids are so adorable! and i LOVE that picture of ellie + jayne sitting on the bench looking at each other. so cute!