I am feeling especially grateful today to be a mother to these two munchkins. 
The past few years have held incredible lessons for me of what motherhood is all about, and I can't imagine doing anything greater in this life than bearing and raising my beautiful children.

In my few years as a mom, I have also grown greater appreciation for my own mother and all that she did (and still does) for her 10 children. I repeat, ten children (still boggles my mind)!  I am grateful for the many pregnancies (and recoveries!) she went through to have us all, and all the diapers she changed. I cherish all the time she took driving us to activities, making homemade meals, planning countless birthday parties, and even brushing our hair every day (and while at the time I may have hated, I now know from a mother's perspective how hard it is!)

I am grateful to my mother-in-law for raising the boy who is now my companion and the father to these two little people we claim as our own. I couldn't have asked for anyone better or more suited for that role. I have her to thank for teaching and setting such a wonderful example that helped mold him into the man that he is. I am also grateful for the grandmother role she has stepped into so easily. She loves our babies as if they were her very own.

I love our mothers so much and feel so lucky to be a mother too.
It is the best thing ever.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jessie said...

cutest pictures ever!! love your little family. you look gorgeous dayna! happy mothers day!

Mary Martha said...

happy mother's day to you!!!