it's friday!

one of jayne's favorite things to do is take video on photobooth or our flip of her and then re-watch them. here is a random one we took today with both kiddos. i struggled thinking of questions off the top of my head, but afterwards thought it would be fun to have a full on interview with jayne to document her favorites at this age. next time. 

mr. V is learning a lot of words these days. while they may be hard to decipher by others, we can tell what they are and it is so fun to see him learning.

and as promised for jayne... pictures!

have a great weekend.



Angie said...

Oh my holy freaking cuteness. You are gorgeous and your babies are so cute. I loved these videos! :)

Rob said...

lovin the hair, you're just a blonde!

Juliet said...

hahaha i love this D