Jayne turned 3 on Wednesday. She woke up to donuts (her request), flowers, a pink puppy (another request), and presents from us. All things pink of course. You see, several months ago I asked Jayne want kind of party she wanted to have for her birthday. Without skipping a beat she said "I want a pink party for my birthday!" So we went with it. It was so fun watching her face light up when she saw everything set out for her. I love this girl so much and seeing her happy makes me even happier. We ate donuts, she opened her gifts, and Vinny tried to claim the pink puppy as his own (he loves stuffed animal dogs). Then we got her all ready in her pink attire for her pink birthday party. 

Kisses for Daddy

Elyse was so excited for all the festivities for Jayne. She's the best Aunt. 

Lovin' on pink puppy

I made Jayne a little mug at color me mine that she could use for when she waterpaints 
(or for whatever). 


It was raining while we were setting up for the party. The forecast called for sunshine so we just hoped it would clear by the time it started. And thankfully it did just that! I had to capture some cute shots of my little three year old in all her pink glory. She was so excited for her friends to get there and she loved all the decorations. 

Steve and I got Jayne a gold charm necklace with her initial. Might seem like a little much for a 3 year old, but we hope she'll wear it as she grows (with us taking good care of it until she is big enough to do so on her own) and think it will be pretty cool for her to say when she is older that she got it when she turned three. A keepsake, if you will.

It was windy!

My sweet mother-in-law made all the favor boxes for the party. They were incredible and way better than I would have ever put together on my own. Complete with nailpolish, lipstick, treats, notepad, and more. And the girlies loved them.

My sweet sisters helping me set up the tissue pom garlands. 

Jayne loves her Aunt Crystal

And I am in love with this little missy... she is SO BIG!

Kisses.... of course. 

We thought it would be fun to go all out pink and offered all pink food for the littles. Watermelon, raspberries, pink yogurt, pink popcorn, pink pretzels, pink cookies, pink lemonade, and my favorite - pink mac & cheese!

Finally her little friends arrived and they got to eat their lunch at their own little table.

Lots of trampoline jumping in between bites 

Josie, Molly, Layla, Jayne, Ellie, Etta, and Brinley (and her little cousin Savannah too!)

Love them!

They got in their swimsuits and had a little dance party game while their sunscreen dried. Jayne was sure into it!


Savannah woke from her nap and was ready to join the fun too

Jayne enjoyed jumping in from the side of the pool with her friends

Love these sisters of mine! (and miss my others!)

Pretty Josephine

All ready to swim. Wouldn't even take off that hat in the water. 

Monette, Traci, Lynsie, me, Kate, and Sarah 

Even my friend Shannon drove all the way from Farmington with her little girl. Love her!!!!


Vinny awoke from his nap at last 

"Do you really have to take a picture???"

Jayne's pink cake courtesy of Grandma. AMAZING!!!!

Ellie and Jayne being cute

My friend Kim came and she had just had a baby less than a week before. Power woman!

This little mooch asked for bite after bite from 'Gampa' (the word he uses for both Grandma and Grandpa)

Time for presents!

She looked so funny trying to open that one... bigger than her.

So good to give hugs and thanks to all her gift givers

Especially loved her Cinderella shoes

And Princess dress ups

More hugs for Aunt Kate!

... and Uncle Max!

Kisses for Grandma

Wanted to get in all her dress ups right away. And adorable Molly giving her a hug from behind. 

It was so sweet for me to see all the love Jayne was shown by so many on her birthday. It was so cute to see how her little girlfriends knew it was her special day and the way they treated her because of it. She had so much love showered on her that day from friends and family. I was so grateful for all the help my family gave me in preparation for this big day and all they did the day of. She has so many people that love her, but I know no one loves her as much on this earth as her own Mom and Dad do. This little girl has brought us some of the greatest joys we have ever experienced over the last 3 years. To watch her grow is both wonderful and heart-wrenching at the same time.  I try and savor every little moment but it is all just flying by so fast. I seriously can't believe I have a three old! What?! 

She is truly the most amazing thing ever. 

We love you Jayne! Happy Birthday!


Annie Porter said...

How fun! What a great party for such a cute girl. So sad that Quinn missed it.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Is it totally pathetic that I cried while I read this. Maybe it's pregnancy or maybe I just miss you guys that much. I love my little Jaynie girl. It was such a stinkin cute party

The Romney Family said...

Happy Birthday, Jayne!!! Dayna, that party looks beyond amazing, are you kidding me?!?! You are seriously the cutest mom.

Liz Berey said...

I love this post!! Your family is SO adorable, Dayna! You probably think you're biased, but you aren't...Jayne and Vinny are really that cute!