i'm sure no one will even read this post considering i'm pretty sure my family has already given up on my blog for the past little while. oh well. here i am!  our 4th of july was pretty similar to past fourth of july's... with the exception of the post parade pool party since steve's parent's home was up in flames (jk). there was a HUGE fire in alpine that evacuated them out of their home. scary!!!! thank goodness no harm was done to their house and they were able to go back in a couple days later. any way, we had a grand old time watching the fourth of july parade with our annual fourth of july breakfast on the porch. there was a big crowd and it was so fun, and delicious. after the parade the kids took naps while me and elyse hit up the new Spiderman movie. it was really great, in my opinion. after the movie we headed over to steve's aunt and uncles place for fire work lighting and more food (and who also have a bunny that vinny was obsessed with!). we finished the evening off watching the stadium of fire fireworks show from the byu soccer field.  jayne fell asleep before it even started, but vinny was up (and wired) for the whole thing. below are some photos from the day. they pretty much speak for themselves. 
we sure love the fourth of july! 

ps. thanks go to elyse for all the pictures. my camera is still in the shop. 


Angie said...

Don't worry, I still see all your posts no matter how long between them because I use Reader! I bet most people do too. You are not forgotten Dayna. :)

So, your 4th looked SO festive! Nothing like the 4th in Utah. I miss it. I love all these photos! Looks like it was a great day. And I love that everyone dressed patriotically. I really wanted to wear red pants and a blue/white striped shirt but then I felt lame because no one else here was dressed patriotically! So I toned it down. Loving all your outfits!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Umm that picture of Ellie and Jayne is to die for. Seriously it's the cutest thing I have ever seen.