Camp Utah Part 1

Elyse had her 6th annual Camp Utah trip these past few weeks. It all started in '06 when she stayed with me for a couple weeks in Utah. We did all sorts of fun things and then it became a tradition every summer (with the exception of the summer Jayne was born). I look forward to it every year and every year it never falls short of amazing. Elyse is the youngest in our family of 10, so I love being able to have this quality time together every year to catch up on her life and build on the close relationship we have. She is the coolest girl around and I am always sad when it ends.  She got especially lucky this year to come out for THREE whole weeks. She stayed half the time with me, and half the time with my sister Crystal but we all hung out often during that time. I couldn't believe we had four of my five sisters out here for three weeks. Made me wish my other sister Shannon and sister-in-law Jen lived closer!

Our time together was jam packed with fun things each day. I will split our Camp Utah into two parts merely for the sake of not having 160+ photos dumped all in one post. Not that I haven't ever done that before! Every year we do our traditional things (hiking the Y, seven peaks, park city, etc. etc.) but threw in a fun new things as well. 

Hiking the Y

Steve was a babe and watched the kids so we could enjoy this hike together alone. One of the highlights of the hike was running into Stephanie Nielson on the hike and chatting for a minute. I maybe even hugged her and told her I love her (it was like second nature but in the moment I was thinking "what am I doing??? she's going to think I'm nutso!!!). She was so cool and even offered to give us a ride home after (which sadly, we didn't need). 


French Braids and Red Deli

Elyse was so funny and even remembered a meal she ate with me last summer- Red Deli take out here in Provo. I was happy to indulge her desire. And the french braid? Just to document the many I gave her while she was here. If only Jayne would sit so still....


Riverwoods and Provo Beach Resort

We took Elyse to see the Provo Beach Resort for the first time. She played a ton of games, went on the carousel with us, and then even did the ropes course. She was so brave!!!

Afterwards we let the kids run around in the fountains outside. Vinn was obsessed. 


Seven Peaks

Camp Utah would not be complete without 7peaks on the agenda. We frequented there often. Steve even took the kids one afternoon so I could go on ride after ride with Elyse. I was so timid on them, I felt like such an old lady. Where did my adventurous side go???


Movie night with sisters

One evening all the sisters went to go see Brave together. We loved the movie and it was such a fun girl night out. 


Princess Festival

I had already made plans for Jayne to do the Princess Festival while Elyse was here since they overlapped with each other. When Elyse heard about it, she begged to go too. Sometimes I forget how little my sister is because she acts pretty mature for her age sometimes. So it was fun to dive into her little girl self and enjoy an afternoon with the princesses :)  Jayne was in heaven dressing up like Cinderella. She seriously loved every minute of it, which the pictures don't always show. It was pretty darling.

All Vinny cared about were the fishies

Jayne loved getting her facepainted (again, wouldn't know it here!)

We went with Kim and Ellie and the little girls were so cute together

Elyse with her face paint


They even got to go on a carriage ride

Vinn being a good sport about it all

We even ran into Jayne's friend Etta while we were there before we left! So glad we did!!!

Elyse also got a sparkly tattoo... oolala

The Princesses


Swimming in Alpine

We went to the pool often as well. This particular day all the little cousins on Monette's side of the family were there. Jayne was having so much fun with the girlies and Elyse had a blast playing with the cousins (and Max and Jo) that are her age. 


Provo Bakery for Donuts

We hit up Provo Bakery for donuts. I look scary, you've been warned. But can't resist the goodness!

to be continued....

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