Camp Utah Part 2

Matching nails 

More Seven Peaks of course. Little miss Savannah with her apple. 

My LeeseeLoo



Date night with Elyse. Jayne wanted in on the photo.

..and the hug!

Happy Sumo Edamame and Sushi


Showing off her braid

Bomb dessert

After dinner we went to Color Me Mine

Elyse made a 'do not disturb' sign for her door

And I made a cup for my Jayne 

We walked around Riverwoods

Elyse became obsessed with this song in my sister-in-law's car (that we borrowed for a week while she was out of town). She literally played it over and over and over again. I was about ready to throw the CD out of the car (JK ELYSE!) but no, no, we belted out everytime...

Ok, ok, so I know this has nothing to do with Camp Utah but it's just a cute picture of the kiddos on Elyse's camera. 

Bug eyed


One Saturday we went to the women's USA game. We ate breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes in SLC before heading to the game. We literally licked our plates clean... we were hungry!

So much fun hanging out and watching our team win!

Afterwards we met up with my sisters in Alpine for swimming

Jayne is already learning to swim without floaties. She is so brave!

Elyse with the cousins at dinner


Just a fun Sunday photo... too bad Vinn isn't looking


Elyse requested In-n-out one afternoon. Uh, of course!!!

Elyse told me she wanted two burgers she was "SOOOO HUNGRY." I said, Elyse there is no way you will eat two burgers. You are a tiny little nothin'. You'd think I'd know our own genes by now... we are hungry people. It finds a way in there. Yes, she devoured everything.

Vinny fell asleep on the drive and Jayne pretended to be doing the same...


One evening we got tickets to ride the Sundance lift on the full moon. It was really fun. The lift takes about 45 minutes (maybe longer?) and we snuggled up with blankets, chatting, and laughing whenever we passed a couple making out. It was the perfect evening.

The next morning we hiked to stewart falls

Never gets old!


That afternoon we took Elyse to Park City to do the Alpine Slide and Coaster (and a trampoline bunjyjumping thingamajig). We ate lunch at a bagel spot in town and Elyse was all excited to see People Water (the business Jef from the Bachelorette started). Oh, you aren't a Bachelorette fan? Stinks to be you....


Alpine Coaster. I couldn't believe Jayne enjoyed this (we were going so fast and she clinged onto my legs the entire time but didn't make a peep). Afterwards she asked to do it again. It was pretty funny. 

On the lift to slides

So pretty

Will she ever look at the camera again?



One night me and my sisters met up at Trafalga in Lehi. I felt like a fifteen year old again. We did miniature golf and watched Elyse climb the rock wall just before they closed. We were really there hoping to do lazer tag but it had ended before we got there. Boo. Oh well, it was still fun!

Afterwards we got shakes at some joint in Lehi that I don't remember the name of. Cool beans.



Kim & Clay said...

You are such a good sister. Elyse is a lucky little woman! She is such a cute girl. And I cannot believe Jayne's swimming skills! Holy cow.

Angie said...

okay, this makes me miss Utah SO MUCH!! Ahhhh! I must go back!!! You are such a fun sister to do this with Elyse every summer. You guys will always have a great, close relationship because of this. I think a lot of siblings with large age gaps between them don't have that! You're awesome!