DCL 2012

Wow, where do I even begin? Three weeks of total awesomeness spent at my parents lake house and even these 69 photos hardly do the trip justice. In fact, I feel like I took hardly any pictures this year due to pregnancy and the fact that I had zero willpower to do anything other than relax and play.. and eat. I wish I had taken more of everyone but oh well. These will have to do. We had great weather the majority of our time there - sunny skies and warm temperatures. My kids were in heaven playing with their cousins and were constantly entertained from the minute they woke up to the minute they closed their eyes for the night. Our days were spent eating a big breakfast (some sort of waffle, pancake, or french toast each day accompanied with bacon and eggs.... did I mention I ate a ton?), waterskiing in the early mornings, going for walks around the neighborhood, laying out, getting in the hot tub, tubing behind the boat, taking the boat to the creamery to get ice cream, swimming in the lake and playing on the water trampoline, family meal times, late night desserts around the campfire (s'mores or homemade donuts or cookies), a couple birthday celebrations, river runs, forest hikes, hammock napping, kayak rides, fishing, talent show, late night Downton Abbey and Olympics watching, deck dance parties, cousin bathtime, the annual Richards Challenge, the county fair, crab night, and the list goes on and on. The vacation never ceases to disappoint and once again I look forward to next year the minute the trip is over!
My brother and his wife put their little guy Andrew in a crawling contest at the county fair. He placed second and it was pretty hilarious to watch. We were oh so proud! 
The kiddos love the animals and the rides and all the sweet fatty foods they were able to eat there. 
Believe it or not, I did not tell her to stand like this. Too funny. 
One afternoon my parents bribed the older cousins with 5 bucks to waterski. When Jayne saw Jordan and Danny get their five dollar bill she was determined to have her own. She told me she wanted to do it and didn't even complain!!! Talk about a proud mom moment to the extreme. It was a little tricky trying to tandem waterski since the water was really choppy and she is such a little girl, but we managed to make it work.... as best as we could! 
Way to go girly!!!!
Very proud of her earnings - which she later spent full at the dollar store. 
Ice cream trips were always a must
Lots of snuggle moments on the hammock - this girl looooves her daddy
So maybe I got a little jealous and tried to join the fun. Jayne took the competition up a notch.
Little kids love the racetrack my sister Shannon brought. They played with that thing daily. 
How many people can you fit in a hot tub?
The blow up pool was always a hit
Vincent would often be found wearing other people's shoes around the house. Usually unmatched. That kid and his obsession with shoes...
Vinn LOVES his Uncle "Bo Bo"
Learning to "Golf" with Daddy - He loved it!
Vinny and his poor puffy eyes... half the group got pink eye while at the lake. Nasty stuff. 
My amazing parents who make this all happen for us - "Papa" and "Gigi"
We surprised my Dad with a celebration for his 60th Birthday at the lake since we couldn't all be there for his actual birthday. 
We love you Dad! Dad's don't come much better than you!
Vinny sporting James' backpack. And cheezing it for the camera. 
We had our annual Richards Challenge! Steve was amazing and helped put together the entire thing pretty much since I wasn't feeling too well. It was so much fun. I can't believe this is our seventh year of doing this. What a tradition. Instead of a relay this year, we did games in honor of the Olympics. I think we all liked it a little better this way. 
Steve trying to get a win for our team in the Volleyball competition.
But the navy team kicked butt. 
My Dad leading his team in a cheer on the sidelines. They like to rub it in...
Our team took the wins in the swim(go steve!), broad jump, and tug-of-war. Navy took the wins in the Volleyball, boggle, and hot dog eating competition. It was neck to neck at the trivia games when Navy took the win. 
Lots of cousin bath time! Nathan and Vinny
Jayne wanted to get in on the fun too
At the end of our trip we drove back to Potomac where we stayed for a night before leaving on our flight back to Utah the next day. It is our little tradition to hit up Steve's favorite restaurant Uncle Julio's Rio Grande for their amazing beef fajitas. We look forward to them every time we come out! So so good. 
We doubled up with Crystal and Morgan. 

Until next year...


Sydney said...

Congrats on the baby Dayna! Another beautiful Magleby baby - how awesome! And that picture of Jayne in front of the fair is too cute not to comment. What a ham!

Crystal said...

Such a fun trip! Oh and poor Morgan in the last pic with his double pink eye!! You failed to mention how sick everyone got on that trip lol I guess it's not something that should be remembered.

Jen Richards said...

These are such great photos Dayna. Makes me miss Deep Creek and all you girls:( Only 11 more months until we are there again (with 4 more babies!). And thanks for taking photos of the baby crawling contest. Could you send me those? I don't have any.
About running- I would love to do a 1/2 marathon with you sometime! That would be a blast.

Angie said...

Oh my gosh.... a three week vacation?!!? That sounds like pure bliss. I love your photos. Looks like such a fun time with the family. Priceless! I'm glad you were able to go!

Also no one should be allowed to look as great as you when they're pregnant! You look fantastic!