It's Raining Babies

My sister Shannon just gave birth to her little Amy yesterday. I can't wait to kiss those cheeks and smother her the first chance I get. This is her first girl after two adorable boys, so we are so excited for their family to have added a little pink to the mix.

And now that the cats out of the bag - and my other two sisters have announced their pregnancies - I can finally talk about how exciting it is to pregnant with both of them and due the same month (and the EXACT day with my sister Crystal).  Gotta love it! I often get asked if we planned this all together... but in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Crystal found out she was pregnant on the 4th of July and was very much surprised, shocked, surprised, did I mention shocked? etc. but of course very happy and grateful too. She told me when she found out and during the next few days she kept telling me that she wished I was pregnant with her (i was jinxed you guys!) and I just kept reassuring her that our babies wouldn't be TOO far apart in age, that Steve and I would likely start trying again that winter/fall earliest. But lo and behold, 3 days later I find out I am pregnant.


We came off the airplane for our family trip wearing these signs. My parents got it right away but my siblings were all - "Wait? You guys are sick? Did you have to wear those so people would know not to get too close to you?" And yes, they were serious. Lauren came to the lake a week later with a sicky#3 sign and my parents were just dying!!!

It was actually kind of comical. You see, I get that lovely "monthly gift" on time to the hour and the day it didn't show up the thought of being pregnant ran through my mind because of Crystal. I went home to take the test (we were babysitting a family at the time) so that it could tell me "no" and I could just relax and move on with my day. I figured maybe this month I was off a little, but after Crystal's experience I just couldn't get it out of my mind so I knew I just needed to take it so I could stop thinking about it 24/7. I took the test, started wrapping a present for my friend I was bringing by later that day (ironically enough a 'baby gift') and then went back in the bathroom -- SHRIEKED -- and then started laughing/crying(happy tears!!!). Totally envisioned our babies up there laughing right along with me.

Wanna hear another funny story? So I'm freaking out excited/shocked/happy/totally schocked and wanted to tell Steve right away but thought it would be funny to kind of surprise him. So I stick it in a tampon box and when I get back to the house I say "hey can you get one out of the box for me" when we're alone in the bedroom together. He grabs the box and opens it up. He ever so slowly pulls it out, turns to me, and with a look of pure annoyance and disgust says "Are you serious?" "You're joking right?"

The vision I had of my husband beaming and pulling me into his arms telling me how happy he was despite it not being "our plan" went out the window.  I said "Yes, I'm serious" and STARTED BAWLING!!!!!  The minute he sees me crying his eyes get really wide, he grabs me in and starts saying "You're serious??" "Oh my gosh, I thought this was Crystal's!!!" "I thought you were trying to joke with me!" "No, no, I had no idea! Babe, I'm SO EXCITED!"

I don't know why Crystal didn't run through my head in the process of trying to surprise him, but it should have. Of course he'd be disgusted holding my sister's pee stick. And if you know Steve, you know how he never likes anyone to get the best of him and didn't want me thinking I had fooled him. Too funny. But the cute boy made up for the crying episode with red roses and chocolates and a movie night together after putting the kids to sleep. That'll do it!

Well, the cherry on top of all of this was when my sister Lauren found out she was pregnant just 10 days later. Crystal and I couldn't have been more excited when she told us. So, 3 new grandbabies in the Richards family in the month of March, 4 total including my sister's recent little girl and now the pressure is all on my brother's wife to join the cool pregnant clique, that is, if she wants to be really super cool.... right Jen?!?!?! Haha.

My sister-in-law Lauren is due next month, so there are just babies falling from the sky around here people!!!!

And we all know I love me some babies. 


S.DAY said...

Oh my word, could you guys be any cuter. I love ya both!

Jen Richards said...

You finally announced it! Can't wait to meet baby #3!

Sarah said...

this is so fun...when we're germ free we are all hanging out asap!!

Becky said...

that is seriously some crazy right there. your parents must be elated! hope you're not feeling too sickey. 3 young ones is quite the challenge, but i honestly wouldnt trade it for anything in this world. congrats you guy!