Just wanted to document my little mister's 18 month mark last month (ya, I'm a bit behind).
Mr. V has become quite the character these past few months - learning words, better able to communicate with his real language and made up language, running super speed to every destination he desires to go to with his little lightening legs, and loving his family more than anyone else. 

His most common words include: 
Wawa (water)
Baba-Wawa (water bottle)
Chee (train)
Pop Pop (lollipop)
Teez (Mac n' cheese/cheese)
Dah (Dog)
Too too (binky)
Toe (toast)
Nack (snack)
peas (please)
ah-oo (thank you)
sheez (shoes)

There are others but those are the first that came to mind. Vinn also has terms of endearment for some family members. For example, he has started calling me "Mom-mom" instead of Mama and I think it's pretty cute. He calls his Grandma "Papa" which is the same word he uses for Grandpa and my Dad who actually goes by Papa so he must clump all grandparents into one easy term for convenience. Genius. 

He loves anything balls, cars, trains, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes like any true boy.
He is absolutely obsessed with shoes! All forms - boys, girls, womens, mens. If he sees a pair, they end up on his feet and he'll clunk around in them as happy as can be. The most comical are high heels and any kid of adult men's shoe. 
He has to go to bed with his blanky, binky, doggy, and now cougar (or "cosmo" - the byu cougar stuffed toy he has grown quite fond of). 
His favorite foods are bananas, fruit rope, cucumbers, rolls, and mac n' cheese. 
He loves to read books - especially animal ones. 
He loves to jump and is actually really good at it, getting those two feet high above the ground.
Loves 'ring around the rosy' just so he can jump and fall on his butt. 
Loves to jump and land on his toosh like a maniac in the tub getting most of the water expelled onto ME. 
Hates to be alone... loves to be playing with his sister, or doing what I'm doing. Not very content to just do his own thing.  Does that make him a people person?
Hates going in any kind of deep water (pool, lake, etc.). He is perfectly content to splash in the shallow end thankyouverymuch.
He is good about giving hugs and kisses but is not much of a snuggler (never was, and prob. never will be).
He absolutely loves to kick the ball around with Daddy.
He is the most ticklish little guy I know.

I'm sure there is a lot more I can add (and I probably will remember something important and add to the list later), but I will just end with this sweet video of my boy (from a few months ago... but still fun!)

We love this kid like nobody's business. 

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Jessie said...

he is so so cute!! can't get over it. love that little video of you two. i should do that with my kids since i'm usually the one taking all the pics :)