6 years.

I have been married 6 years to that guy up there. Six years!!! A lot has happened in that short (long?) amount of time. Graduating from BYU, 5 moves (mainly back and forth out of the country), 2 babies (soon to be 3), 2 surgeries, lots of travel, and thousands of days spent with each other as husband and wife.

I could easily say that these past six years have been the very best years of my life. While some parts during that time were really hard in varying ways, I would never pass them up for the growth that has taken place in my life and the love that has grown tenfold in our relationship with each other. I know it sounds cliche, but I am truly more in love with that man than ever, and I have all of our experiences together to thank for that. We have had a lot of fun together, made some awesome memories, and also been through some challenges that have brought us closer together. He is truly my best bud and makes me a happy woman.

I've been thinking a lot this past week about what makes a marriage successful. This may sound bold, but I do believe we have created a successful marriage over the years. Not perfect by any means, but successful none-the-less. While I hardly consider myself any kind of marriage expert and am still learning a heck of a lot every day, I would say I have learned some precious little gems during these short six years of our married life together that I thought I'd share.

First, that choosing to be happy is more important than expecting someone to make you happy. If you decide on your own that you're going to be happy everyday regardless of what happens, and that you are going to love your spouse for all they are despite their little imperfections, then you will! Sounds simple, and in a way it really is, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest things to do. 

A second little gem I have learned (and Steve has had a big part in helping me with this!) is to just RELAX and HAVE FUN. Don't dwell on the insignificant, don't take things too seriously, laugh with each other, and just enjoy life with one another. 

The last little gem I have learned (and maybe the most important) is to be forgiving. Every single time. If anything, I have learned how important it is to just let things go, apologize even if you think you're "right," kiss each other even when you're upset - especially when you're feeling upset.

I am so far from perfect at doing these things all the time, but I know that when I do, it makes a very positive difference in our relationship with each other.

Since our anniversary was on a Sunday, we took advantage of the whole weekend to celebrate. We went to the BYU basketball game on Friday (our favorite team), slept up at the cabin alone that night, had breakfast at The Foundry Grill in Sundance Saturday morning, spent some time with our kiddos that afternoon, and then went to dinner at our favorite spot - Pizzeria712 for dinner. We welcomed our official anniversary with homemade whole wheat waffles for breakfast before church. It was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and exactly what I hoped for.

In our religion, we believe that being married in the temple gives us the blessing of a marriage that can last beyond the grave. I am so grateful that Steve and I were sealed to each other for "time and all eternity" six years ago in the Washington, DC temple. It is a beautiful blessing and I wouldn't choose to have any other person by my side for forever and ever.

Happy Anniversary babe, I love you so much.

*pictures from up at Sundance... it was so beautiful to wake up to a white wonderland! more pics of our weekend taken on instagram. 

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