Halloween Party

Our 'late arrivals' who were so awesome to show up despite earlier plans!  (which is why they are not dressed. i feel the need to add the disclaimer because you should know that these two are NO party poopers!)
We had a low-key Halloween dinner party at our house with some friends of ours last weekend. We ate pumpkin soup and white chicken chili, spinach salad, pumpkin bread, rolls, and made caramel apples for dessert (with m&m, oreo, white chocolate and chocolate toppings to choose from) along with pumpkin pie. Steve and I had all these grand plans of playing games with everybody but the night comfortably evolved into simply socializing with everyone into the wee hours of the night. Which is what I think everyone wanted anyway. It was so fun catching up with everybody and seeing people's costume ideas. I recycled my witch costume from last year and I have a feeling that it will likely be my go-to costume for the years to come. We asked Jayne a few days before what she thought Steve should be for Halloween. Without skipping a beat she said "A cat." So we went with it. 

Happy Halloween!!!


Hannah said...

happy halloween. love parties like this one!

Angie said...

I love that you guys plan parties like this. Everyone appreciates it and you provide such fun memories! Also, i love your house. So beautiful!