We spent Wednesday morning taking the littles to Pumpkinland in Orem. The temperatures dropped to the 50's calling for sweaters and scarfs and finally feeling like fall. We walked through the corn maze, saw lots of farm animals - which Vinn would point his chub little finger at, and with a high pitched voice squeal "mommy!" "daddy!" over and over until he had our full attention and made sure we saw the animals too. Jayne on the other hand, she liked them but was sure to keep her distance. Let's just say she has quite the irrational fear of animals these days. They both had fun running in and out and around all the tunnels and play houses and then we finished it off by each picking out a pumpkin to take home. I look forward to carving them as it gets closer to Halloween. 

Jayne is especially loving this time of year. At least once a day she will excitedly tell me "it's almost Halloween!" (at a very high decibel). She can point out Halloween decorations from a mile away, and she even picked out her very own Halloween costume (she was very particular). It really makes the holiday a million times more fun because of this. I freaking love having kids to make it special for! We threw up some DIY decorations in our dining room and she got so excited when they went up. She can't wait to trick-or-treat and get free candy. And while it use to make me sad that I am too grown up for those sorts of things, I now gladly pass the torch to my littles as I watch them relish in the holiday fun. It is awesome. 


Jessie said...

they are adorable!! we've never been to pumpkinland but we may need to make the trek out there this year...it looks so fun!

Kim & Clay said...

Your pictures are so cute! I forgot to tell you what Jayne said yesterday: "Halloween is coming! I saw her coming at the door." I asked, "What did it look like?" and she said, "She looked like a witch." So cute!

Jen Richards said...

Adorable pictures and kids!! Looks like a fun fall day for all of you guys. We miss you! Post some baby bump pics :)