Home for Christmas Part I

We flew home to my parents for Christmas mid December. I went out a week early to spend a longer time with my family before Steve got off work to join us. Luckily I didn't have to fly completely alone - my sister Lauren and her husband were on the same flight and were super helpful getting me on and off the airplane with all of our many things. Kids did great and were pretty happy (especially Vinny whose stuffed dog made friends with a fellow canine passenger!). I've flown alone with two before, but it is definitely a little tricky and I usually have to get a stewardess or two to help me out. Still not sure how traveling with 3 littles alone is even possible (but I know people do it! crazy!). 

Any way..... after a couple days at my parents place, we took the kids to Pennsylvania to visit my sister and her kids for a two days. We hit up the Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park which the kids thoroughly enjoyed, even with the freezing temperatures. Jayne was in heaven with her cousin Jordy (she loves him so much) and Vinny enjoyed playing toys with Nathan and jumping on their trampoline. I got to meet my adorably beautiful niece Amy for the very first time and I am punching myself in the face for not even getting a picture of her. What is wrong with me!??! She is the sweetest little thing and you wouldn't have even noticed she was around because she hardly ever cried. 

The day before we left we took the kids to a huge hunting store (can't remember the name) that had a carousel and even Santa! The kids wanted nothin' to do with him, but we got a picture with everyone around him any way. Vinn loved the ginormous fish tank, and would have been content watching them for hours. 

It was a great getaway and we had such a fun time. Thanks to Shannon for being such a great host! Love ya sis!

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