Home for Christmas Part II

::christmas eve::

::christmas day::

We had our traditional Christmas eve dinner, complete with roast, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes/gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, sparkling cider, and best of all (kidding, but not really) - LAYERED JELLO. 
I look forward to it every year. YUM. 

After dinner the kiddos did a little nativity and we sang Christmas hymns. They sat so still while we sang it was a Christmas miracle I tell you! After the nativity, Santa came to visit!!!  Jayne was freaking out, that is, until we spoiled the secret and told her it was actually Papa "pretending to be Santa". Obviously not the REAL Santa, Jayne. So, she was willing to sit on his lap while Vinny who was out of the known wailed his head off. Good times!!!

When we put the kiddos to bed, we stayed up late chatting with the rest of my older siblings before our eyelids could no longer stay open (probably not the smartest of all decisions considering the kids got up eeaarrrlllyyy the next morning). But, it didn't matter - witnessing their faces of pure joy and excitement upon seeing their gifts and stockings was worth every bit of exhaustion. We didn't bring any of our gifts from home so we just bought the kiddos a few things from Target to open. They were more than thrilled (and had double the Christmas fun after coming home and seeing what Santa brought them here!). 

We had our traditional Christmas brunch - coffee cake, ham, eggs, grapefruit and wasted the day away with naps, hot tubbing (minus the preggo ladies), and playing outside in the backyard. It was a relaxing Christmas day with family, just how I like it. 

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