New Years at the Cabin

We celebrated New Year's Eve and New Year's Day up at Steve's parents cabin in Sundance. We had their traditional fondue dinner on New Year's Eve and stayed up for the countdown playing card games. New Year's Day was spent taking Jayne skiing for her first time, and Vinny sledding for his first time. While Jayne was a little timid to ski at first, she was SO BRAVE and didn't complain once. She skied between my legs down the mountain and then practiced a little solo balancing on the skis while holding my pole. I couldn't believe how sore my legs and bum were after just an hour of skiing with a little. Talk about a workout! It was definitely a successful ski day with the little gal, and I couldn't have been more proud!

Vinny was very timid of the idea of sledding, but as soon as he went on a little hill with Jayne he couldn't get enough! (and little man in a snowsuit might just be the cutest thing ever). 
Check it out below: 

Jayne enjoyed sledding down the bigger hills on her bum as shown below: 

It was a great way to ring in the new year - relaxing, playing games, enjoying the snow with the kids, snuggling with baby Violet, and eating delicious food with family. 

Happy 2013!!!!

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