other random fun shenanigans from the past couple months

..enjoyed our first snowfall..
..decorated our christmas tree..
..hit up some byu basketball games..
 with friends..
..and family..
..saw temple square lights in salt lake..
..went to the porter family christmas party..
..decorated gingerbread house with grandma..
..got shots at his checkup at the doctor :(...
..ate the candy off the house when noone was looking..
..fun with besties at riverwoods..
..attended the ward christmas party..
..showed loves to little brother..
..little elf man..
..many nights asleep by the tree..
..enjoyed receiving christmas cards from loved ones..
..jayne had her very own lights in her room..
..made gingerbread men with middie grandma..
..had sleepovers at the cabin with old friends..
..met baby violet for the first time..
..just a cute picture of V while home for Christmas..
..saw les miserables with the hubby..
..watched my belly grow like crazy over winter break..
..made cookies at grandmas..
..attended (and took pictures) this sweet girl's blessing day..
..had a family movie night..
..princess vincent..
..lots of snuggle time with baby violet while they were here..
..trips to provo beach resort to escape the cold but get out of the house..
..little V getting sick..
..and it continues to grow..
..clothes sharing with dad..
..coloring activities to get through the negative temperatures..
..late nights watching Grey's Anatomy with this goober..

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