Vincent Eric

February 15th, 2011

I never had a boy name picked out for a future child. There may have been some on one of my many lists growing up, but none that really stuck out as a "must have."

But when Steve and I were young and dating, he introduced me to a band called Brand New. He would always play their CD in the car and was super hot belting to the music, holding my hand as he did so. They weren't very well known at all when he first started listening to them, but I quickly became a die hard fan as well. We knew all the lyrics to their albums, and when we were in college, we went to their concerts anytime they were in town. I always had a soft spot for them - their music brought lots of nostalgic memories - car rides with Steve, late nights listening to the music when I wasn't with Steve (but thinking about him), Steve playing their songs on his guitar (yes, please!), long goodnight kisses in his car with it playing in the background...... Tmi??? So  I was conditioned to love the music whether I wanted to or not because of all the good memories and emotions that flooded in anytime I listened to it.

When I was pregnant with Jayne we went to one of Brand New's concerts in SLC. During the concert, we couldn't get over how cool the guitarist Vinny was on stage. He had long hair, good style, and it was hard to take your eyes off of him. I'm pretty sure Steve had a serious man crush on him (we all know Steve's "Jesus" hair stages in life) and leaned over to me and asked, "What do you think of the name Vinny for one of our kids?" I didn't even have to let it sink in before I responded, "I love it. Let's name our first boy Vincent and Vinny can be one of his (many) nicknames." Done, and done!

Steve's middle name is Francis, after his Dad's father's first name. Steve had always hoped to carry on the tradition by giving his first born son the middle name of his grandfather's first name as well (Steve's Dad, Eric). I was a little hesitant at first, because we had already named Jayne after Steve's Dad's mom and was worried about having two names from one single line of one side of the family (and was self-conscious about what others would think or if my parents feelings would be hurt), but after seeing Vincent the night he was born, I knew without a doubt that his middle name was Eric. It just felt right, and any insecurities I had about what people would think were no longer there. So I told Steve to write it down on the birth certificate, and there you have it!

It makes me laugh when I see Eric in Vinny's expressions (or underbite he will do on occasion, just like his Grandpa). I even have a few pictures of Vinn that remind me so much of Eric, and that always makes me feel good that they share a name along with some physical features. Vinny love's his Grandpa and they have always had a special little bond. He loves to sit on his lap and mooch off his food, or snuggle up with him with a bottle. Whenever he sees him he'll yell "papa!" and give him big hug. I love that he has such a wonderful namesake and example to look up to - making his name even more special to me. I sure love it, and hope that he'll carry on the tradition to his own firstborn son by using Steve's name.

Next up... baby #3. To be shared when he makes his debut!


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Hannah said...

can't believe he's almost two!!! hope you guys are having an amzing weekend!
just nominated you for the liebster award

and i am about to represent a few blogs, would love if you join the fun!! <3