A party for Vinny.

We had a little birthday party for Vinny today with a few friends and family. Sadly, half the party bailed the morning of due to illness and weather and it just made me think about how awful this winter has been with sickness - it seems like no one has managed to escape the wrath of these winter bugs. Good thing Vinny really had no clue who was and was not there in attendance, and he was just a happy clam to be eating pizza and cake, running around with toys and bubbles in the gym, petting Rosie the bunny (special shout out to Diane Wunderli who let us borrow her for an hour, she was quite the hit!), and opening a few gifts. And while I know birthday parties are totally unnecessary for two year olds, I had a lot of fun putting this on for him and feel grateful to be able to do a celebration for my little guy before this baby comes and takes center stage for the first while. Vinny certainly had a blast and I think everyone else there had a good time! Success!


Ellie and Jayne were reunited after an entire week+ apart. Can you handle their cuteness and their hugging all on their very own? I can not. 


Jessie said...

Happy birthday Vinny! Looks like it was a blast!! We're so sad we missed it :(

I can't get over Ellie + Jayne's special friendship! They are too cute!

S.DAY said...

I was so so sorry to miss the celebration. Turns out we would have ruined the party if we did come.... my boys got Pink Eye from the bates motel we stayed in over the weekend! ICK!!!!!!
LOVE YOU VINN AND as soon as your mom has your brother I'll be down in a hurry with your gifts!!!!!