Baby time.

Welp, I have officially reached full term, and upon doing so have nested the crap out of everything over the past few days.

Baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc. re-cleaned and sorted. 
Car seat deep cleaned. 
Post baby necessities (breast pads?) purchased and put away.
Hospital bag packed. 
Changing table stocked with miniature diapers and costco wipes.
Moses basket, bouncer, and boppy cleaned and set out. 
Jayne and Vinny's schedules and "fun things to do" typed out for their future babysitters. 
House cleaned from top to bottom. 

It feels so good to be a little 'ready' as opposed to Vinny's experience - such a surprise of an entrance that I had nothing ready, like, AT ALL. I know better now and made a point to be pretty much ready to go by 2 weeks before (which will be this Sunday). I'm not really expecting an early delivery, but I want to feel like things are in order whenever he decides to come. 

I can't even tell you how excited I am to meet this little guy. It is consuming my thoughts these days. This pregnancy has gone by so fast, as I've been so busy with my other two little humans that much of this pregnancy went by without much thought at all. I guess that is how it goes the more kids you have, and in a way it is nice because it makes the icky months speed on by a lot faster. But pulling out Vinny's old clothes and sorting through all the miniature little things got my heart racing with excitement. I can not wait to have this baby!!!!

Jayne is especially excited for "our baby" to get here (she talks about it at least once a day)
and Vinny has no clue what is about to hit him. 

Here's to hoping my next blog post contains a picture of the new little guy.

Wish us luck!


Lauren Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for him to come!!! This summer is going to be so fun with all the little babes!

Rachel Kirkham said...

Just a warning - especially since Jayne and Chloe are so close in age - be prepared for some "issues" with Jayne. Vin is young enough to not really care what's going on but Jayne's world is about to be rocked. Chloe has been so great with the baby but basically hates J and me. It's been rough but thanks to good friends giving me stellar advice, things have been a little better. Make sure you carve out some time for just you and Jayne. She's going to be craving your attention. I was NOT prepared for this and it really threw me. Who knows, maybe she'll be a dream but just in case, be prepared. I LOVE YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO MEET THIS LITTLE MAN!!