Shower for Lauren and Baby Boy Charlie

This weekend we (me, my sister Crystal, and my sister's best friend Juliet) threw our sister Lauren a baby shower in honor of her little boy Charlie due the end of next month. We are so excited for her as this is her first baby, and I am especially excited that we are both having boys due around the same time. Best cuzzin buddies! Can't wait. 

We put together a little brunch at my home (cinnamon rolls, strata, strawberries, donut holes, sparkling OJ), chatted, and opened gifts while some went around and shared advice for a new mother. Juliet put together some very cute favors for Lauren filled with homemade kettle corn that I almost burnt our house down making. Kidding... sort of..... but hey! All in the name of food! And it was delish! Jayne had known about the shower for a couple weeks and Steve and I used it to our advantage to get her to do everything we wanted. Genius I tell you! I was kind of sad when the day came because it could no longer be our constant leverage. But she was so happy to be there, and it was pretty cute. 

Anyway, we are so excited for baby Charlie to come! We love you Lauren!

ps. Special thanks to the hubby who helped me set up everything the night before. Good man that Steve. 

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Angie said...

Oh how I love a Magleby party. This looks incredible! So so fun you are all pregnant together. :)