Valentine's Day

You may not believe me, but I think Valentine's Day is so much more fun with kids. I actually get really excited about making it special because I want them to carry those memories with them forever. Steve and I were totally excited about spending money on gifts just for the kids (with the exception of  a romantic dinner at Sundance for us...) and couldn't wait to take them downstairs Thursday morning to see the breakfast and gifts that awaited them. It was like Christmas morning!

We didn't go overboard, just a few cheap things from Target we knew they'd appreciate. Dinosaurs, bubbles, & chocolate for Vinny. My little pony underwear, colorful pens, chocolate, and a polka dot umbrella (she'd been asking for her own umbrella like Ellie for quite sometime now) for Jayne. We ate a delicious french toast with strawberries & cream and bacon breakfast, and lazied the morning away. Jayne was at the tail end of the stomach flu, so she took it easy the rest of the afternoon. Vinny and I went to my sister's for a play date and then Steve and I went on our date later that evening up at Sundance Foundry Grill. Sadly, I started feeling nauseous immediately after ordering my meal, so we cancelled my order and went home after Steve finished his. Sad! I know! I came down with the flu that evening which knocked me out the entire next day (Vinny's birthday) and then some. It was a doozy. BUT I am grateful I was able to squeeze in a little morning of fun with the people I love most before the nasty bug hit. Gotta try and look on the bright side, right? Right.

Hope you had a wonderful sick free Valentine's Day!


J Hayley B said...

Vin's face in these is priceless! Such a cute kid!

Angie said...

I love love love their excited faces as they open their presents! I am so lazy about decorating and going all out for holidays, but this makes me excited for when I have kids and will have more of a reason to decorate and make it fun. You are such a fun mom!