Vinny turns 2.

My little Vincent turned 2 the day after Valentine's Day. I can not even write this without getting teary eyed. Oh how I love my little Vinn, Vinny, my Mr. V. He is my little buddy, my little boyfriend. He is hilarious, sweet, kind, bright, athletic, goofy, handsome, and just cool as they come. I couldn't have asked for a better first little boy to bring into our family and he brings such joy into our home. There is hardly ever a day that goes by where Steve and I don't relay something cute or funny to each other that Vinny did that day. You could say we are obsessed with our kids and I wouldn't argue you on it. We love him like crazy. Nuff said. 

Vinny is going to be the best big brother to this baby coming and I can't wait for them to get to know each other better. Vinny is definitely a mama's boy (well, maybe equal parts mama and dada, but since he's with me most of the day I will say that I am usually the one that he gets possessive and defensive of most... I love it!) so I am prepared for an adjustment stage with this new baby coming, but I know in my heart that quickly enough these two boys are going to be little partners in crime and best buddies. I can't wait. 

Because I was ill on his birthday (but thankfully we were able to get everything set up the night before things got really bad) we just had a low key family breakfast (we asked him if he wanted a donut... his favorite thing... and he said "no, i yant gogurt", ha, so yogurt he had!) and cupcakes later that evening (for them, not me). I was so sad about rescheduling his birthday party that was suppose to happen that day, but you know what, I had to remind myself that he doesn't know the difference! Beauty of a two year old. So we gave him our gifts and he was in heaven playing at "Mama's house" (Grandma's house) the rest of the day so I could sleep and rest. Gotta love that kid.

Happy Birthday Vincent. We love you!

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Angie said...

He is the cutest child. Looks like you have him a great birthday even being sick! Such good parents.