Only shot I could get before we had to snag the little guy to prevent massive head trauma, ha. My mother-in-law captured a cute photo of them all too that I have on my instagram. 
And that sweet boy above just about kills me with his cuteness. 


and photos of their Easter Egg hunt that morning in Park City...

We had a great Easter Sunday morning up in Park City with my family who were visiting for Spring Break from Maryland. We were up there the entire week relaxing with the babies, and letting the kiddos play and enjoy the hot tub with Papa and their Aunt and Uncles. It was the perfect transition to "real life" back home with a new little babe. 

Kids woke up Easter Sunday to an Easter egg hunt and a big breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We took the kids up to Alpine in their Sunday best to see Steve's family and take some Easter pictures. Up until this point Franklin had NEVER had one.single. blow out. Sure enough he smothers the very outfit I want to take pictures of him in with his wet yellow poop. Thanks a lot Franks! Little do you know, he has a big stain on the back of his outfit in those photos, but we layed down a plastic bag and a white blanket to prevent it from leaking on the bench. Thought you'd get out of Easter photos Frankie? You thought wrong!

I sure love this family of mine. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. 

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S.DAY said...

I'm so bugged at myself, all that time I spent at your house and I didn't even snuggle and smell and enjoy that beautiful little boy! Just when I think "Dayna can't possibly make another perfectly adorable baby...." you do. He is so so so handsome.