fresh from heaven

I love the first two days at the hospital. A fresh little newborn, pretty much all to myself in a quiet (for the most part) hospital room for 48 hours. Visitors come to ooh and ahh, meals are brought to my bed (Utah Valley hospital food is where it's at! I know you are laughing at me Crystal), surge of hormones bring comforting feelings of love, joy, peace, and I have no responsibilities other than to nurse, snuggle, and recover with my new little babe. Call me crazy, but even the frequent nurse checks for vitals, the pain down you-know-where, and the passing out while going to the bathroom (yup!) don't seem to diminish the sweet spirit felt there by this little child, and I always get a little sad to say goodbye to my room and my time spent there with my perfect baby fresh from heaven above. 

I was grateful to have captured some of my favorite things about my hospital stay in the photos above - Frankie's first two days of life out of my belly, his teeny tiny features, some of our visitors, etc. When the kids came to visit Jayne was totally smitten, but Vinny was all about keeping his distance and ignoring both me and baby for the most part. I was prepared for that, so it wasn't too bad and once we got home from the hospital he warmed up in no time. The "lucky mom" necklace was a sweet gift from my mother-in-law. She bought it all the way back in October, so it brought tears to my eyes when I opened it because little did she know he really was my "lucky baby" born on St. Patty's and I feel like a very lucky mom to have him in our family. Lastly, the last three pictures above are the evening we checked out of the hospital, but never left, only to go up one level to watch my sister deliver her baby (Steve left for the delivery, but I was there with my mom and other sister). It was a site to behold - three sisters with three new babies all in one room together. Nurses and doctors sure got a kick out of it. 

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Julianne said...

Dayna! He's PERFECT! Congratulations!!