poppy field. and the family picture that didn't.

We hit up the poppy fields in Alpine as is tradition. I would link to all our past blog posts at the poppy fields like you see all the cool bloggers doing these days, but it's nearly 11pm and it's a miracle that I even posted on here, so if you are at all interested you can always click on the month of June over past years and you'll be sure to find them somewhere. On that same note, I didn't bother touching these up in photoshop like I normally would, but hey! all natural! what you see is what you get! 

I have decided that family pictures with three kids is next to impossible, and I would say completely impossible but I know people that have done it successfully, so I'll just say they are the exception and not the rule. I almost threw in the towel when Vinny started having a major meltdown the minute we pulled up to the field after we had to WAKE HIM UP (what were we thinking to let him fall asleep in the car?!?!). And in the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door after church so we could have time to take these before Sunday dinner with Steve's family, I failed to bring backup: snacks, treats, candy, ANYTHING to please the children. My biggest mistake.

Jayne, on the other hand, while normally the one avoiding the camera these days, she was soaking it all up! She didn't complain and was more than willing to take extra pics after our family pictures failed miserably. So thank you for that, Jayne. Franklin was cooperative, as cooperative as any 2 1/2 month old can be who is well rested and fed. Lots of awkward facial expressions while blowing bubbles and probably pooping in his diaper. Thank you, Frankie. Steve, well, we all know how well Steve and picture taking go together (they don't). But he did his best and that is all a wife can ask for.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky when we took these but it was then or never, so we tried to make do. If I had known the sun was casting such crazy glares and shadows on our faces I would have moved our backs more against the sun, but after just a few pics Vinny was seriously screaming bloody murder so there were no second chances.

You can all tell me which one is your favorite.... Ready?

Picture 1. Jayne is drunk and Vinny noticeably upset. Frankie looking extra concerned.

Picture 2. Seriously Jayne? Seriously? And a sad Vinny.

Picture 3. Steve's beginning to check out. Jayne's hard core. And then... Vinny. 

Yeah.... no.

And Vinny could almost fool you here. Doesn't he almost look happy?
Jayne not so much. Can't see Frankie's face.
 And those dang sun glares! Die!!!

Well, I think I have beaten this whole terrible family picture fiasco to a pulp on here. And I hope I haven't offended my sister-in-law Kate who took those for us. Kate, you did everything right - there was nothing you could have done differently to have made this a success unless you could have turned into a Yo Gabba Gabba show or pulled chocolate candy out of your pockets. Thank you for your help and for being so patient with us!

Now, moving on...


'Oh mom, this is so embarrassing....please stop.'

'No mom. It's not cute. Put down my shirt before I blow out all over you.'

I sure do love me some Frankie belly. 

Should have had Steve remove the soccer watch. Can't win em all!

Love this little girl. Love that little tiny flower she plucked that she's holding. She is the sweetest. 

My competition.

Now she's just trying to make me jealous...

That girl is growing up too fast. She'll be four next month. Don't even get me started. 

Until next year, poppies!


Kim & Clay said...

OK. I am dying over Jayne in these photos. Like it makes me want to cry that she looks so old because that means Ellie is growing up too! Remember when we started a mother's group with Jessie when Ellie was only 2 weeks old? Now look at them! This is ridiculous.

Kim & Clay said...

P.S. I am also dying at how breathtakingly beautiful your little family is.