princess tea party

My sweet baby girl turned 4 yesterday. Four!!!! Oh how I love my Jaynie girl. As cliche as cliches can possibly get, I can't believe how fast these four years have gone by. I wish I could capture every fleeting moment (which explains my passion for photography) because it kills me how quickly they pass, only to be relived through pictures and video. It never seems enough. But I digress...

Jayne celebrated turning 4 with a princess tea party/pool party. She had been talking about this party since her birthday last year. Believe it or not, I am not one to really wanna go all out for birthday parties (the more you go all out the more expectations there are with each year), but Jayne, being quite the event planner, pretty much told me what she wanted to the very last detail. Hard to say "no" to your first baby and her birthday wishes so we did our best to make them all come true. She decided on the theme, the colors, the menu (cupcakes, italian sodas, and german pancakes), her outfit (which was more like a fairy dress than a princess dress, but who's checking?), and even the guest list (her closest girlfriends and her cousin Savannah). The german pancakes were kind of a random item, but she was so excited about serving them to her friends and could not be talked out of it. So german pancakes were had by all!

The girls decorated their own princess crowns (thank you dollar store!), had their little tea party, danced to music and jumped on the trampoline while waiting for sunscreen to dry, swam to their hearts content, sang "Happy Birthday", and then Jayne got to open her presents from all her sweet friends. They left with goodies from Jayne in fairy printed bags that Jayne colored herself (not pictured, woops!). 

I couldn't have done it without the help of Steve, my mo-in-law, and my sis-in-law Kate (and her boyfriend Dalton. Hello awesome banner!). And all her girlfriends were absolutely adorable in their princess attire (little Josy as "Merida" was my absolute favorite). It was a fun party from start to end and I think Jayne was pleased when she walked outside and said "Oh, mom! It's perfect!" 
Talk about a feel good moment. 

and a special thanks to Frankie and Vinny for being angel babies and sleeping a good chunk of the party.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

I loved everything! So sad we missed it, especially when Violet made the cut for the guest list. I miss that little girl! It looked perfect. Happy Birthday Jaynie girl

Shield Safety said...

So, so cute. I really wish we lived near each other so we could raise our babies together. You seem to be the best mama. I'm sure there's a lot I could learn from you. That home made the perfect backdrop for a princess party. I think that home is the perfect backdrop for anything, really. Xoxo, Ellery

Angie Harding said...

How fun!!!! I love how everything turned out, so so cute. I bet Jayne and all those little girls were in heaven! I think it awesome that you did this for her birthday. And that it's so well documented!

Also, Kate's boyfriend?! Is this a new development? He's cute. And he's good at making banners?! Good job Kate. ;)

Liz Berey said...

You are the most adorable mom!! And gorgeous, and have the cutest children ever. This little party looks like it should be in a magazine. So sweet

Gwyneth Genevieve said...

My goodness, is your family adorable. Love the cupcakes and the bunting... looks like the party was a smashing success!